Monday, February 22, 2010

who wants to eat daniel radcliffe?

thats right.
  • if you aint a fan - EAT HIM TO SHREDS
  • if you are a fan - EAT HIM UP REAL GOOD
so? i'll eat him up to shreds .. hahahaha!! was fun doin these edible image ones. pretty cool!
had to make another batch of tiffany&co. small cakes too. was a very busy week. fatigue has been my best friend. not fun =(

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

chocolate egg

was stressed out trying to think of what to do tdy for my design. i had a design in mind, but of course we were not provided with enough WHITE CHOCOLATE. grrrrrr couldnt do my design!! so. first attempt failed. wasnt shiny.

so second attempt: i quickly whipped up something in 10mins - eh turned out alright? XD

Monday, February 8, 2010

first attempt @ truffles

I LOVE MAKING THESE! SO FUN! cant wait to make some for valentines day!! ^________^

candied orange peel dipped in chocolate :]

Brusseler nut krokant (marzipan & caramel)


almond flakes

matcha greentea

Friday, February 5, 2010

first attempt @ doll cake

happy birthday to little ashley ^_________^

this is my first attempt at making a 'doll-cake'. ive always wanted to make one!! heehee!! was lots of fun!! i remember standing at my bench .. looking @ the doll ans asking her "how should we make your dress?" hahaha!! so this is what i came up with. im pretty happy with the result! :]

her bow~ her headpiece is made also!

*bling-bling* chocolate!

dark couveture chocolate gems~

-caramel filling
-malibu fondant filling
-buttercream filling

chocolates may taste good, but the process in making one is harder than you think! tempering it to the correct temperature .. cooling it .. filling it .. shelling it .. *wipes sweat* all processes are so important!! luckily they turned out pretty good! i loveeeeeeee the caramel ones MMMMM straight to the belly&thighs!