Saturday, October 31, 2009


hey guys!!!!! sorry abt the major delay! ive been so busy the past few weeks that im finally able to sit here and update alittle! so im jus gonna plop all these photos on now =P

want to hear some awesome news? i got offered a chef patisserie position @ becoz restaurant. it has such a wonderful little atmosphere to it. the food is organic which i love about it! everyone is so nice & friendly :] im very lucky to have gotten this opportunity! im happy to learn new things for the long-run. hopefully i'll be able to create&plate some of my mine desserts very soon (*fingers crossed*) ! im excited!! heehee!!

life is beginning its new journey ^________^ we gotta all start somewhere right! hopefully i'll be able to open up my little shop in 2yrs!!!!!!!! **goal** T_______T

ive been working on a new for my lovely sutsa. so pls be patient and stay tuned when i launch it!! im trying to work on it as much as i can!!! =D weeeee!


parfait w vanilla bean&kirsch (it wasnt set long enough, so it looks alittle sloppy!)

fruit&nut meringue torte w creme chantilly


spinich & salmon quiche tartlets (AWESOMEEEEEEEE)

danish & puff pastry - horseshoe, vol de vents, palmiers, cream horns

hazelnut filled corinthians

apple tart

enjoy the sunshine everybody!! got a big project comin up soon!!!! gotta start preparing for it! XD

Saturday, October 17, 2009

lemon brulee tarts ♥

new stage. new things to learn & make! well basically we have made most of these things already! -_____________- we have a big dessert buffet to do in week 8!!! im soooooo looking forward to that!!!!! gonna be exciting!!!!!! :] :]

so these are little lemon brulee tartlets. give em a go! nice snack! :]

lemon brulee tartlets LVL☆☆☆

first you will need to make the short sweet pastry.

200g unsalted butter
  • 100g caster sugar
  • 50g egg
  • 300g plain flourPinch of salt
  • Method:

    • Cream butter + sugar
    • Add egg
    • Fold flour and salt
    • forms a sticky dough – wrap + chill prior to use.


    lemon brulee


    • 150g egg
    • 120g castor sugar
    • 1.5 lemon zest
    • 100ml lemon juice
    • 175ml cream


    • Combine egg, sugar + zest and whisk gently
    • Add strained lemon juice slowly
    • Add cream n mix until combined
    • Set aside till use
    • Heat oven 160⁰C
    • Blind-bake tartshells.
    • Pour lemon filling into prepared case
    • Cook for 50-60mins (it could be less than this depending on your oven. don't let it overcook as the pastry will be too dark or the brulee will be too stiff. look for a nice light golden colour and the brulee should just be set at the top.)

    fruit tarts~ i can't assemble fruit tarts.. grrr! they do my head in!!!!! hahahaha!!! =( its basically the sweet pastry filled with creme patisserie ;]

    catchup class stage two*
    palmiers ( they look like those asian butterfly biscuits!)

    gateau st honore - not my choice of cake! its got layers of diplomat cream, choux pastry, genoise, biscuit.. XD too much for my liking! XD

    and good old aussie pavolia :]

    Friday, October 2, 2009

    happy 21st birthday lisha ♥

    wanna give another shoutout to lisha chen:

    ♥♥♥♥♥ HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY ^____________^ ♥♥♥♥♥

    another attempt at making a chanel bag for my best-friend's 21st :] the cake turned out alittle FAT. but fed everyone well so that was ok XD the vanilla sponge turned out alittle dry for some reason so that was disappointing for me!!!! grrrrrr! at least the chocolate part and the hazelnut buttercream made it taste better =D was a great night!! everything turned out perfect :]

    like i said, sorry i cant afford a REAL one of these babies for you now, but this is close enough =P