Wednesday, January 28, 2009


first of all: HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEARRRRRR!!!!!!! ^___________^
i admit. ive been lazy. didnt even end up baking my new year almond cookies =( hahahah!!! but i have very exciting news to share!! im starting my patisserie course♥ next week and im superrrrrrrrrrrr happy!!!! i cant wait!!!!! ^__________^ hopfeully i'll learn to bake more yummier sweet&treats for everyone :] im really excited!!

STATUS: AMATEUR. hahahha!! -_______- hopefully this status shall change within a year =P

heres my lovely uniform!! the weather has been 40degrees in melb .. not good .. hope it wont be too hot wearing these in the kitchen man =| AND my TOOL KIT!!!!!!! ITS SUPER AWESOME. so pretty. when i jus unrolled it and flipped it open .. omg .. my heart was pounding HAHAHA!!! ♥

banana cake: the only recipe i swear by. ive baked this recipe for many years now, never fails me. i'll never replace it. its the best by far!!! its sooooo moist inside & the taste is JUST SUPERB.

french pancake topped with strawberry puree

please stay tuned for more updates to come :] :]

Friday, January 16, 2009

outting treats!

its been quite a while now since ive had time to start baking again!
planned a little trip to venus bay with some friends and was given the job to bake, so i thought WHAT SHOULD I MAKE? =O hahaha!!

first of all i made this passionfruit sponge cake, it had lemon curd filling topped with whipped cream and touches of strawberrys. i made an awful mistake of not makin my own whipped cream but buying those ones you get in supermarkets .. the whipped cream literally melted so quickly, it destroyed the sponge cake =( so didnt end up bringing that to the trip. i loveddddd the passionfruit frosting though YUMYUM! :]~

so i decided to make these orange cupcakes (with the poppyseeds bec i didnt have any and couldnt get any in time) i jus had to make do without them! heehee!! they turned out nice&scrumptious :] but due to the cupcake been made by plain flour, im thinking thats the reason why the texture of it harden abit?
i topped them up with some light orange icing & decorated them: one for everyone ^_____^

finally i made some coated strawberries dipped in chocolate :]

thats all for tdy! ;]

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

hummingbird cupcakes ♥

ive been wanting to make these cupcakes for awhile now, finally had the time to bake them last night!! :] again i chose to use martha stewart's recipe. they turned out yummy! nice&moist :] the flavour of the cupcakes are just right! i loveeeeeee banana cake, and this cupcake had the touch of banana taste whilst the pineapples giving it just a little extra texture :]

i didnt have a melon-picker tool, so i had to use what i found in my kitchen .. my dried pineapple flowers didnt turn out as i expected. they burnt too quickly. FAIL!!!! =( so i shall attempt remaking these hummingbird cupcakes till i perfect them ;] heehee!!! jus had to make my icing look prettier .. tried to make em look like roses!? hahahha -____-

i made these cupcakes just for my little outting with some special girls of mine :] they liked the cakes *thank god* hahaha ^_______^ thanks guys! shall motivate me more! :] ♥ ♥