Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentines day ♥

a little gift from a special friend :] love it! my sister literally saw it and thought 'wow did u bake this tdy?' hahahaha!! =P its so cute! im sure it will come in great handy!

so its yet another valentines day. had the best valentines this yr, spent it with friends (yes single ones) hahahha! but was great :] time really flies. i jus remembr it being valentines the same time last yr, and look! easter is creeping near too .. o god!

i got home early from class, so i thought i'd do alittle baking for valentines. i wasnt sure what i'd want to bake, so i thought of red velvet cakes. they are french for chocolate cake? thats what ive read? although my cakes didnt turn out RED in colour, because i alrdy put quite a bit of red food colouring .. didnt want to use anymore - so they still look like chocolate cakes now hahaha -______-"

hope everyone had a memoriable valentines day~ ♥ ^_______^ xox

Saturday, February 7, 2009

tiramisu; but not for valentines!

soooooooooooo its been one week since ive started my new course! its pretty exciting still! stage one we're jus learning basic cutting skills and stuff. not really 'baking' yet =( but ive made alot of new friends which is veryvery fun! everyones from different backgrounds so we're all learning off each other :]

tdy i wanna wish vinna a happy 19th birthday ^________^ ♥ she's my new friend frm school! so i thought why not make her a bday cake!!!! i was contemplating on making the regular tiramisu or strawberry tiramisu. and since i didnt have enough strawberries on me, i decided to jus make the traditional tiramisu cake - but an eggless one!

scared of failure??? NO WORRIES. trust me, this is one of the easiest cakes to make. no baking required ;]

eggless tiramisu LVL: ☆

what you need:
  • 250grams macarpone cheese
  • 400grams lady finger sponge bisuits (or as much as you require)
  • 250grams whipped cream or thick cream
  • 7 tbs castor sugar
  • 1 to 2 tsp vanilla essence
  • 2 tbs (or more if you want, i usually put more!) tia maria or other
for dipping the biscuits:
  • 4 tsp coffee
  • 1 1/2cup hot water
  • 2-3 tsp castor sugar
  • whip the cream, add the sugar
  • once its gone thick, fold in the mascarpone cheese
  • add the vanilla essence&liquer
  • (you can add cocoa or anything if you want more taste)
  • leave aside
  • soak biscuits or sprinkle the coffee onto them
  • allign them in the shape you want
  • filled the first layer with the cream
  • then make another layer with the soaked biscuits
  • and top it up with the remaining cream
  • garnish to your desire :]
see? easy? have fun! valentines day is just around the corner, so why not make it for your loved ones? it is the 'love cake' ^_________^ ♥