Thursday, April 29, 2010

massive cupcake tower flower power!

happy twenty-first birthday to linda ^______________^

girly theme of flowers & bows with lilac colours~ had fun making this massive 80 cupcake tower. i didnt think the tower would be taller than ME! =O amazing. hahaha!! thanks agn to my sis for her help :]

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girl's loved treasures

made six designed cupcakes for a lovely girl who's friend wanted to surprise her :]

Saturday, April 10, 2010

super mario smash bros

happy twentyfirst brithday james! ^_____________^

theme for the night was super mario smash bros original. honestly, i have never seen some of these characters = hahahha! this was a pretty fun project! :] finished if off with mr donkeykong as the topper~

heres some of the characters:

yoshi. yeh he looks like a frog!




Jiggly Puff


Captain Falcon

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