Sunday, July 26, 2009

3 flavoured cheesecake :]

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY KATRINA!!! ^__________^

had this cheesecake planned ever since I was on holidays!!!! made me stress out what i was gonna make!! Katrina told me she loves cheesecake; especially berry flavoured ones! so i couldnt decide WHAT berry to do. so what happen? i chose to make a three flavoured cheesecake! =P

this is a: raspberry, blueberry & lychee layered cheesecake with japanese souffle cheesecake.

i always wanted to try bake a japanese souffle cheesecake .. IT IS AWESOME! i dont eat cheesecakes .. but this i can eat non-stop!!!!! yumyum!!

***i'll post up recipes when i get the chance*** ;]

this pic was taken by katrina's camera. it was what was left =( so i had to quickly take a snapshot. messy tho XD i was disappointed bec the waiter bought the cake out whilst we were still dancing man. and even the candles burnt out -___________- the cake melted abit. i tried to do a checkered look of what i had in mind .. but sorta failed =( it would have been better if the cake was frozen agn. but dw! shall keep trying :]

Friday, July 24, 2009

vanilla cupcakes w mango lemon buttercream

order from a friend :] 15cupcakes on the go! been super hectic having work then rushing home to make orders.. ive been in holilday mode for too long =P special thanks to my lovely sister who helped me make flowers or i'd never finish! heehee! love u :]

all packed and ready to be eatten ^______^

flower power!

GUESS WHAT?? IM BACK!!!!!!! ^_________^

heehee!! not that its anything so exciting about =P hahaha! couldnt get up for class this morning .. i didnt get to sleep till 4am finishing off cupcakes and a bday cake XD so im so sad im missing out on makin petit fours =( =(

also!!! sorry for those who have come to visit my blog and been disappointed with NO UPDATES! never fear bec i have some new pics to share tdy :]

hope everyones been well! the weather is freezing! ive just come back from malaysia and the weather there is complete opposite -_________-

i was lucky enough my amazing aunty had time to teach me how to make flowers! *finally* heehee!! these were made by clay (not sugarpaste) so it was much easier!!! so heres some of my attempts and my sister's (which looked better) hahaha XD my aunty irene is so talented. she amazes me in her work. *.*

not bad for first attempts? shall keep practicing! they aint so easy!!